Numinus Is Now Offering LED Luminaires, Fiber Optic StarTiles™, StarDomes™ and LED Contollers Online!

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Numinus Is Now Offering LED Luminaires, Fiber Optic StarTiles™, StarDomes™ and LED Contollers Online!

Numinus has been a powerful contributor to the home theater, and LED lighting industry. They’ve created the highest quality fiber optic star ceiling panels on the market. The using high end materials coupled with their state-of-the-art LED star system. Their StarDomes­™ are an exquisite combination of art, light, and technology. The StarDome™ is lit with an indirect cove light with programmable sunrise/sunset sequences, the dome is hand-painted by a local artist, and features twinkling fiber optic star constellations. Numinus’ sister company, NuLEDs, designs beautiful LED Luminaires, and technologically advanced LED wall controllers that work with home automation systems including Lutron Homeworks, Savant, Control4, RTI, Crestron, and BitWise Controls. All of these products and more are now available directing from their website!


Children’s Dentistry of San Diego Add’s a StarDome by Numinus to Their Whimsical Establishment

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Beloved children’s dentist office, Children’s Dentistry of San Diego, has a wonderful reputation for making the trip to the dentist a delightful experience for the whole family. With their warm, welcoming staff, dedicated Dentists, and playful environment, this adorable dentistry is truly enjoyable.

Run by Husband and Wife, Dr. Dabir and Dr. Cuisis, their wish is to make your little ones’ dentist appointments, “a walk under the stars!”, and what a perfect fit for their design to add a StarDome! The 6 ft rotunda dome, created by Numinus, twinkles with LED fiber optic stars in the center of their starry themed waiting room. Children can play under the stars while waiting to see their favorite Dentists, and parents can relax and enjoy their complimentary coffee while gazing into the peaceful starry sky. It is evident that Dr. Dabir and Dr. Cuisis love what they do and strive to make their dentistry a “friendly and comfortable” place for children and parents alike.

To see more work from Numinus, check out their website at or flip through their photos on their facebook page

Competitor, iSky Manufacturer Closes Up Shop After 25 Years

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Numinus StarDome 4ft Rotunda - Residential Project

The industry has lost another emerging technology advocate with this week’s announcement that FiberOpticStudio, creator of the iSky LED Panel Systems, has closed it’s doors.  Though FOS had some products in direct competition with Numinus’ patented StarDome and StarTile lines, we are sad, nonetheless, to lose a comrade in this volatile but exciting world of LED lighting.

As for Numinus – business is great and with the rapidly increasing consciousness of LEDs and emerging lighting technologies we don’t expect to slow down any time soon!

Contact us directly for pricing, quotations and assistance with project design!

Scott Walentine – Quotations & Sales

(888) 611-3663 Toll Free

NuLEDs receives UL listing on The MiniCan

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As of January 1, 2011 we have officially launched NuLEDs, Inc…:)

(Carlsbad, CA)  February 3, 2011 – NuLEDs has received UL Listing for The MiniCan, a small aperture down light that consumes only 3.6 watts. This American made gem is quickly becoming a favorite for restaurants, elevator cabs, and residential applications. The MiniCan is available in a variety of finishes, and color temperatures, and is approved for use in insulated ceilings (IC Rated) and damp locations.  The MiniCan has spring clips for easy installation, and can be fully dimmed with the 12 volt dimmers, also manufactured in the USA by NuLEDs.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories®) is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century.

MiniCans installed in basement

Basement by Osbee Industries

The MiniCan is a 12 volt DC luminaire which is installed using a remote power supply type installation. Up to 16 MiniCans can be fed from one 60 watt power supply. This allows for class 2 low voltage wiring, and by not having a power supply as an integral part of the light source, extends the life of the fixture, and allows for smooth full-range dimming.

This basement in New York was able to get the entire basement lighting, which includes a home theater, gym, and game room on one 15 amp circuit with plenty of room to spare. There are 85 fixtures here consuming a total of 360 watts; if this customer had gone with 35 watt MR16 lamps, this same project would use nearly 3,000 watts!

For information visit our website

Lisa Isaacson

Cofounder of NuLEDs

A StarDome in the Cupola!

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A StarDome™ in the Cupola

On a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island, Chris and I stopped by one of our client’s homes and experienced one of our most unique StarDome installations.  The couple had purchased not only a home, but also a condominium in a converted church that was built in 1735!  This Second Congregational Church sits in Old Downtown Newport, and was originally a Puritan meeting house.

The StarDome rests in the cupola, atop the church, with four windows providing panoramic views of the city.  To reach the cupola, one must tread 84 steps including a spiral staircase which ascends directly under the StarDome.

The home owner was looking for something unique and special for this little sanctuary.  Her searches brought her to our website, and she knew this was the type of unique feature she wanted!

Trinity Church,

Installing the StarDome presented another challenge… it would not fit up the stairs.!  Through the careful work of her builder, they removed the window and hoisted the StarDome up from a lower balcony through the window opening.  The unique space serves as a meditation area, and several professional artists have been invited to sketch the views out each of the windows.

Our trip included a delightful evening with a tour of the city, a wonderful dinner at a local crab shack, and great conversation… once again proving the theory that our clients are The Salt of the Earth!

more pictures online: Clarke Street photos

StarTiles Over Linear Accelerator

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Harold Alfond Center for Cancer

StarTiles™ Create an Experience for Patients at
Harold Alfond Center for Cancer


The Harold Alfond Center for Cancer in Augusta, Maine is a very special place. Once you arrive you immediately sense a feeling of healing; a relaxed positive energy in an environment of health and wellness. This sensation is the result of a beautifully designed atmosphere created by the masters at TRO, and the delightful staff that welcomes patients like family.

Chris and I arrived early for our photo shoot of the StarTiles in the LINAC (Linear Accelerator) Room. We got to observe the atmosphere… the design, the surfaces, the lighting, the music, and the staff interact with patients as they arrive. This magic atmosphere is special and it continued as we were escorted into the LINAC room. LINACs are rather intimidating machines that provide precise accurate beams of radiation directly to cancer tumors.


The center has two identical rooms that each house five 4’x8’ StarTiles over the LINAC machine.  According to Bethany Loon, Radiation Therapist at the center, the starfield is the first thing patients talk about when they enter the room. “The patients at are often in here for 15 minutes while the machine rotates around them. The stars help them to relax and take their mind off the treatment.” 

The synergy between the LINAC machine and the StarTiles is a very unique relationship. The sense that this is the latest treatment on the forefront of our existence…  

For me personally I am thrilled to be a part of this experience. I lost my mom to a brain tumor in 2006. She did not get the advantages offered by this treatment, and I am thrilled to be a part of this center and its potential for saving lives.

Lisa Isaacson, Numinus , LLC          For more pictures go to Harold Alfond Cancer Center Pictures

StarTiles O’er The Pond

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StarTiles in London!
Bespoke AV
(Surrey, London)  Bespoke AV is an International company formed from the combined expertise of over 40 years experience in performance audio video and control systems. They specialize in high end home automation and cinema building historically working in the south of England. Numinus had the honor of providing StarTiles™ for a recent project in Surrey, and I had the opportunity to speak with them about home theaters in London…
Bespoke AV Ceiling
Home theaters in the UK… Cinemas here are definitely becoming more popular, the challenge for most people in the UK is space, although more and more people in central London are digging out basements under existing properties to gain space. Almost all walls here are solid brick which helps acoustically with us then creating a structure inside for sound treatments, this is normally then done with stud-walls and the use of Knauf products for acoustic damping. Homes range from new build to hundreds of years old, the beauty of working in the UK!
Choosing Numinus… My main challenge was acoustically treating the already fairly small space available; I have to say the whole design process with Scott at Numinus through to the installation was absBespoke AV StarTilesolutely painless!!! I had seen Numinus products at trade shows in the US before, and a close colleague who works in North Carolina has always spoken highly of StarTiles. Installation was amazingly easy; I loved the adjustment available for leveling using the hex key method with those particular fittings you supply. All lighting, including the StarTiles is controlled from a Crestron control system.
The Experience… Our customers are all looking for exemplary and a very personal service, we run a small team of very experienced individuals so they will always see the same engineers on site all of whom will be familiar with their systems and needs. When people first see our showroom they are blown away, and the ceiling gets a great deal of attention, especially the twinkling effect!

I am over the moon with the ceiling!!
Bespoke AV

StarTiles™ -A product of champions!

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Numinus would like to congratulate customer, quarterback Drew Brees, for his stellar performance in Super Bowl XLIV!!!

Drew Brees

MVP Drew Brees

Manhattan Beach Home Theater

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We went to visit one of our clients in Manhattan Beach today. It was the first time I have seen one of our mapped out accurate constellation star fields in a StarTile™ ceiling. I must say I was quite taken by it. I have a deep appreciation for constellations, and was worried they might loose their effect in a flat tile format… They looked awesome! We recreated this custom date for our client, and could easily see Cassiopeia, the dippers, Orion, Leo, Gemini… It was delightful!

Manhatten Theater Star Field

Manhattan Theater Star Field

Click on image to see gallery.

Our Client are Some of the Finest People on Earth… Brag

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Salt of the Earth

There is something special about our customers that I noticed when we first launched our business in 2001. Nearly all of them are truly the salt of the earth. Embedded in the combination of bankrolls and creative vision emerges people and organizations that are core-good and really enjoying all life has to offer, including the things money can’t buy.  This realization has been icing on the cake of our business…

From starting a ‘ma-and-pa’ shop in our basement less than 8 years ago (parents of four now teenagers) , selling products we designed (..completely unheard of products with no sales band wagon to jump on…crazy) , manufactured, marketed, and sold  …boot-strap sty, to having the success and client base that we enjoy so much today… So here is a few of the projects and people we have gotten to know as a result of pursuing our dreams:

Carrie Fisher: I list her first because she has been amazing. After filling out a contact form herself from our website… Carrie Fisher… Beverly Hills… phone #… (and I still thought how cool this gal has the same name as Carrie Fisher…) we talked on the phone for about an hour… our moms, grandmas, kids… life… she was so genuine and easy to talk to. At her home she greets us with hugs, and gives us the complete tour of her 1912 ranch-style home once owned by Betty Davis, and so full of amazing eclectic items everywhere; a true wonderland  …A red phone booth on her porch next to a giant shoe,  and a vintage crystal chandelier hangs from a huge tree in her front yard, that is just a small part part of the ‘welcome to this special place’  …OK this will need its own blog… remind me to write it if I forget… We did do the installation and other electrical work for her… and met Sean Lennon and James Blunt…  How cool is that?


Salt of the Galaxy!

Salt of the Galaxy!

 For Chris and Lisa -Who bought me the heavens & lassood me the moon.
From my galaxy to theirs- Carrie Fisher

Nicholas Sparks: Author of the The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe.

Brad Bird: Creator of Ratatouille; We are lighting Oscars… no big deal…

Drew Brees: Quarterback for The San Diego Chargers!! (And The New Orleans Saints.)

Macy’s Union Square San Francisco –Christmas LED Display; There is some special magic there!!!

Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth (and many other fantastic medical facilities… read more)

The ‘Spa Atlantis’ at The Atlantis Hotel in Reno. It just opened last week –it is amazing!! The colors, shapes, surfaces, treatments… We are flying there tomorrow; I will be blogging on this very soon.

Nathan Morris from the group Boyz II Men

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (I will blog that experience too… amazing stuff!) for now…

VH1 The Fabulous Life: They flew to Atlanta to film two of our installations. read more

 NASA: Johnson Space Center in Houston (earlier blog post on this one…)

Many off-the-hook home theaters with the most renowned visionaries in the industry! –and some that are not in the industry…

I will continue to feature these projects in this blog.

Well that is some the fun we have enjoyed… Thanks for reading! Pursue your dreams!!!