Our Client are Some of the Finest People on Earth… Brag

Salt of the Earth

There is something special about our customers that I noticed when we first launched our business in 2001. Nearly all of them are truly the salt of the earth. Embedded in the combination of bankrolls and creative vision emerges people and organizations that are core-good and really enjoying all life has to offer, including the things money can’t buy.  This realization has been icing on the cake of our business…

From starting a ‘ma-and-pa’ shop in our basement less than 8 years ago (parents of four now teenagers) , selling products we designed (..completely unheard of products with no sales band wagon to jump on…crazy) , manufactured, marketed, and sold  …boot-strap sty, to having the success and client base that we enjoy so much today… So here is a few of the projects and people we have gotten to know as a result of pursuing our dreams:

Carrie Fisher: I list her first because she has been amazing. After filling out a contact form herself from our website… Carrie Fisher… Beverly Hills… phone #… (and I still thought how cool this gal has the same name as Carrie Fisher…) we talked on the phone for about an hour… our moms, grandmas, kids… life… she was so genuine and easy to talk to. At her home she greets us with hugs, and gives us the complete tour of her 1912 ranch-style home once owned by Betty Davis, and so full of amazing eclectic items everywhere; a true wonderland  …A red phone booth on her porch next to a giant shoe,  and a vintage crystal chandelier hangs from a huge tree in her front yard, that is just a small part part of the ‘welcome to this special place’  …OK this will need its own blog… remind me to write it if I forget… We did do the installation and other electrical work for her… and met Sean Lennon and James Blunt…  How cool is that?


Salt of the Galaxy!

Salt of the Galaxy!

 For Chris and Lisa -Who bought me the heavens & lassood me the moon.
From my galaxy to theirs- Carrie Fisher

Nicholas Sparks: Author of the The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Nights in Rodanthe.

Brad Bird: Creator of Ratatouille; We are lighting Oscars… no big deal…

Drew Brees: Quarterback for The San Diego Chargers!! (And The New Orleans Saints.)

Macy’s Union Square San Francisco –Christmas LED Display; There is some special magic there!!!

Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth (and many other fantastic medical facilities… read more)

The ‘Spa Atlantis’ at The Atlantis Hotel in Reno. It just opened last week –it is amazing!! The colors, shapes, surfaces, treatments… We are flying there tomorrow; I will be blogging on this very soon.

Nathan Morris from the group Boyz II Men

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (I will blog that experience too… amazing stuff!) for now…

VH1 The Fabulous Life: They flew to Atlanta to film two of our installations. read more

 NASA: Johnson Space Center in Houston (earlier blog post on this one…)

Many off-the-hook home theaters with the most renowned visionaries in the industry! –and some that are not in the industry…

I will continue to feature these projects in this blog.

Well that is some the fun we have enjoyed… Thanks for reading! Pursue your dreams!!!



~ by numinus on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “Our Client are Some of the Finest People on Earth… Brag”

  1. I’m very impressed with your work! You’ve come along way since 2001. Congrats on your accomplishments.


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