StarTiles Over Linear Accelerator

Harold Alfond Center for Cancer

StarTiles™ Create an Experience for Patients at
Harold Alfond Center for Cancer


The Harold Alfond Center for Cancer in Augusta, Maine is a very special place. Once you arrive you immediately sense a feeling of healing; a relaxed positive energy in an environment of health and wellness. This sensation is the result of a beautifully designed atmosphere created by the masters at TRO, and the delightful staff that welcomes patients like family.

Chris and I arrived early for our photo shoot of the StarTiles in the LINAC (Linear Accelerator) Room. We got to observe the atmosphere… the design, the surfaces, the lighting, the music, and the staff interact with patients as they arrive. This magic atmosphere is special and it continued as we were escorted into the LINAC room. LINACs are rather intimidating machines that provide precise accurate beams of radiation directly to cancer tumors.


The center has two identical rooms that each house five 4’x8’ StarTiles over the LINAC machine.  According to Bethany Loon, Radiation Therapist at the center, the starfield is the first thing patients talk about when they enter the room. “The patients at are often in here for 15 minutes while the machine rotates around them. The stars help them to relax and take their mind off the treatment.” 

The synergy between the LINAC machine and the StarTiles is a very unique relationship. The sense that this is the latest treatment on the forefront of our existence…  

For me personally I am thrilled to be a part of this experience. I lost my mom to a brain tumor in 2006. She did not get the advantages offered by this treatment, and I am thrilled to be a part of this center and its potential for saving lives.

Lisa Isaacson, Numinus , LLC          For more pictures go to Harold Alfond Cancer Center Pictures


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