A StarDome in the Cupola!

A StarDome™ in the Cupola

On a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island, Chris and I stopped by one of our client’s homes and experienced one of our most unique StarDome installations.  The couple had purchased not only a home, but also a condominium in a converted church that was built in 1735!  This Second Congregational Church sits in Old Downtown Newport, and was originally a Puritan meeting house.

The StarDome rests in the cupola, atop the church, with four windows providing panoramic views of the city.  To reach the cupola, one must tread 84 steps including a spiral staircase which ascends directly under the StarDome.

The home owner was looking for something unique and special for this little sanctuary.  Her searches brought her to our website, and she knew this was the type of unique feature she wanted!

Trinity Church,

Installing the StarDome presented another challenge… it would not fit up the stairs.!  Through the careful work of her builder, they removed the window and hoisted the StarDome up from a lower balcony through the window opening.  The unique space serves as a meditation area, and several professional artists have been invited to sketch the views out each of the windows.

Our trip included a delightful evening with a tour of the city, a wonderful dinner at a local crab shack, and great conversation… once again proving the theory that our clients are The Salt of the Earth!

more pictures online: Clarke Street photos


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